Backup Options for YOU!

Backup and disaster recovery plans, networking, and other computer support services are all part of what we do every day in and around Columbia, SC.  Whether you are a consumer with important pictures and personal records or a business owner with crucial proprietary information, a solid backup plan that meets your specific goals is a must.  Seras offers assistance with everything from the most basic options for consumers to extensive programs for multi-location businesses.

Most Information Technology vendors want to sell you expensive, complicated backup programs that require additional hardware and software to purchase and maintain.  The reality is that most consumers can safely backup all of their data using two FREE programs: Google Drive and Facebook.



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With virtually unlimited storage for pictures, Facebook is a great option for backing up photos for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the best feature is that you can apply your own “indexes” or tags to all of your photos.  For example, if you have 35 pictures from a wedding in July of 2015, you can upload them to Facebook and tag them with #2015 #July #Wedding or any other identifier that can be used for searching for them later.  To continue, say you run into a friend 2 years later that you met at the wedding; you can simply search your photos for one of the tags and pull them up immediately.

Google Drive offers quick and easy access to any of your office documents, photos, or pdfs from nearly any device, anywhere that you have an internet connection.  Without the internet, you can still recover synced records from most devices.  Google also offers easy editing with Google Docs, which easily use the web to allow for expedient updates and edits.

If someone asked me what companies have the most reliable servers (what websites are NOT going to “go down” or “go away”), Google and Facebook would definitely be at the top of my list.   Not only are your records and photos protected from theft, fire, flood, and other natural disasters, but they are going to be accessible for years to come without any cost to you. Obviously, Seras is happy to consult with consumers to provide proprietary backup solutions if you are not comfortable level with social media and other platforms, but strategies like this save money and take advantage of the vast network of resources associated with Google and Facebook.

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Unfortunately, there really is no “Top Ten” list for backup solutions because no two businesses are exactly alike.  We run into customers all the time that have had a major data loss in the past and their attitude towards backup varies greatly from the customer that has never had any serious problems.  Some customers have extensive databases and shared application data that must meet certain security requirements related to backups, while others use applications that are formatted to only work with a specific backup platform.  We also work with many customers that have agents in the field that are manipulating company data every day and want cloud systems combined with other standard programs.  The list of variables goes on…

Seras professionals use an extensive interview process to create a strategy that meets your goals and keeps your budget restricted to what you really need.  We work with you and your staff to implement the backup strategies and then offer management services to keep things at peak performance.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.